Welcome to Saddle House Organic Coffee. Our beans are fresh, custom roasted and certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Your order is roasted and shipped the same day. We ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS.

We recommend that you store bulk orders in your freezer to keep the coffee fresh. Everyday orders should be kept in a container in the refrigerator.

Discount Pricing!

When you buy 5 pounds, you receive a discount of $1 per pound. For 10 pounds (two 5 pound bags), the discount is $2 per pound.

Order a combination of 1 and 5 pound bags of different roasts and receive discount pricing!


Weekly and monthly auto shipments!

Saddle House Samples

Choose five 2 oz. samples of one grind
(Whole Bean or Ground)
$10.00 for all five

Saddle House Organic Coffee Roasts

Bronc Stomper

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Bull Hauler's Brew

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Cattle Drive Roast

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Faithful Cowboy

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Horse Shoe Roast

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Rancher's Choice

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Round 'Em Up

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

Signature House Blend

1lb $14.00 / 5lbs $65.00 / 10lbs $120.00

SWP Decaf

1lb $15.00 / 5lbs $70.00 / 10lbs $130.00

Half 'n Half

1lb $15.00 / 5lbs $70.00 / 10lbs $130.00

If you want to try a custom blend, please Email me

Why choose organic coffee? Coffee beans are one of the most heavily sprayed plants in the world. Most coffee beans are grown outside of the United States where there are no regulations on the pesticides and herbicides used. Chemicals like DDT, outlawed for use in the United States on food grown for consumption, are still used in many countries. These chemicals are absorbed into the oil of the bean and when the bean is heated through roasting and brewing, the chemicals are released.

Choosing organic for your decaf beans is very important also. The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is how our beans are decaffeinated. This is a natural method of removing the caffeine by soaking unroasted, green beans in hot water. Other methods include using chemicals to strip the caffeine from the bean.

We support fair trade. This is a set of certified standards that helps make sure that the farmers and the workers of the coffee plantations are all paid fairly.

Saddle House Organic Coffee is available locally here:

Old Mill Country Store
500 W. 3rd. Ave.
Ellensburg, WA

Saddle House Organic Coffee

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